5 Things to Consider in Choosing a Projector
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5 Things to Consider in Choosing a Projector

You wanted to buy a projector for some known reason. So, you open your laptop or desktop and start asking the ever-reliable Google. Then all projectors pop out one by one. There are hundreds of them out there, how do you know that you are eyeing for the best projector for you. You’ll never know unless you have a simple guide to tell you. Worry not, my friend. Before you choose a video projector, here are 5 things you need to know before you buy a projector.


  1. Why do you need a projector?

People don’t just buy things out of a whim. You need a reason for buying things and buying a projector needs a basis as well. Your purpose will serve as one of your guides in finding the right video projector that you efficiently use.


There are a lot of types of projectors out there. Each with their own strength, advantages, and perks. It all depends on the purpose of your projector.


Two of the most common projector types are the Digital Light Processing (DLP) and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). These are no better than the other, it all depends on how you want to use your projectors.


Starting off with DLP, this type of projector uses micro-mirrors to project images from a monitor to a wide screen. This is a very popularly used video projector since it delivers sharp images and does not need any filters. To top it all, DLP projectors tend to be smaller making them portable and easy to travel with. DLP projectors also requires less maintenance and has affordable repairs if there are any making it a good projector for dusty places. DLP projectors are the usual standalone projection units for businesses and classrooms.


LCD projectors on the other hand utilizes polarized mirrors that pass and reflect certain colors. Basically, it sends light from a lamp through a prism to display videos, images, and other in a flat screen or surface. Compared to DLP, LCD projectors tend to be less expensive since it has no moving parts. LCDs are also produce better picture quality since it has more accurate colors and sharper images. If you are in a tight budget, you can purchase a single-chip LCD projector which can work well for your purpose of a simple projector. But if you opt for a projector with better color saturation and lower noise level, we suggest you choose a 3-chip LCD. Due to its light efficiency and good color saturation, it is recommended for watching movies. The downside of LCD is that it requires constant filter maintenance.


Whether you choose LCD or DLP, it is up to you. As long as the projector serves it purpose best, then choose the one that can do it efficiently.


  1. Light source

The second thing that you need to consider in choosing your projector is the type of light source used. What is this light source? Remember that projectors need light to reflect or project images, videos, and computer data. It is an essential part of the projector which you should carefully look into.


Projectors usually use either these three light sources: lamp, LED, or laser. All have their own advantages or disadvantages. In choosing a projector, always read the product description of ask the lifespan of your light sources. Usually, lamp light sources of video projectors need to be replaced after 3,000 to 4,000 hours of usage. Some may go up to 5,000 depending on the manufacturer and maintenance. Just remember to know what type of light source the projector has and their life span.


  1. Room size and viewing distance


The size of the viewing room and display distance play an important role in choosing a projector. Why? Let’s say that you are doing a presentation in a large function room but your projector can only project an accurate image on a 70” display. That is a presentation nightmare. Your audience can hardly see what you are projecting on the screen.


At times like this, projector and viewing distance should be customized to accommodate your intended audience. Always consider the room that you want to use the projector, the distance of the projector from the display, and the distance of the audience from the display.


  1. Lumens matter


While you’re considering the size of the room you want to use the projector, also put into consideration the ambient light there is in the viewing room. Ambient light plays a huge factor on the quality of the projector. Always consider the amount of natural and artificial light present in the presentation room. If you think that the room has too much ambient light, then better check the lumen of the projector.


Lumens is another important feature that you need to take note in choosing a projector. Lumens indicate the brightness of a light source of any projector. The higher lumens, the brighter the projector light source is. But how can this affect the viewing quality of projectors.


Have you ever wondered why movie theaters are pitch black? That is because any ambient light from the room can change the image that the projector displays. Ambient light can be easily ignored if the projector produces brighter light. It can easily outshine the ambient light from the room and efficiently projects without altering the image from the projector.


  1. Inputs

How do you connect your device to the projector, through input. In choosing a projector, make sure that it contains all the inputs you need. These are the most common inputs that projectors nowadays have; HDMI, VGA, and DVI. Some compact and portable modern projectors now offers products that can connect your device through Bluetooth which is pretty much convenient. Some projectors even provide inputs for speaker which is more convenient.


A projector with all the right inputs makes users’ lives easier. There won’t be a need to buy adaptors to readily connect a device to the projector.

What projector brand should you trust?

Yes, there are dozens and dozens of projectors out there. Your head would surely spin from all the types, varieties, perks, and features. But projectors should be for convenience, efficiency, and practicality since these devices are used for education, business, and leisure.


When choosing a projector you can trust, choose Goodee projectors. It can guarantee you the finest quality that will last longer, video/image projection of the highest standard, and these are for a practical price.


Check out our products and choose the right projector for you only from Goodee.


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