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Why Should You Buy the Goodee YG601

The fourth-grade students are super excited for their quarterly field trip. They were going to the Jurassic Museum! They’ll be seeing dinosaurs they only saw on TV and they’ll me meeting them face-to-face. Oh, how wonderful it would be. Sadly there is one student who couldn’t go with her whole class, Katy. She was sick on the day of their field trip and the doctor advised her to stay in bed. Katy has been sad the whole time. Mom wanted Katy to be at the Jurassic Museum but she should not go against the doctors orders. How can she make Katy happy? Mom thought of an idea.

The living room was dimly lit. There was a soft streak of sun from the window but it was not a problem. Mom brought Katy to the living room and she clicked something on her phone. On the wall projected images of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. It was as if they’re real. Katy was so happy and mom was happy too. Thankfully there was Goodee YG601 Projector to save the day.

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Goodee YG601 High Definition

Goodee YG601 is one of Goodee’s best home theater projectors. Not only is it affordable but it is quality-made for families to enjoy. We at Goodee knows how important family bonding is. There will be times where schedules do not meet or circumstances that hinder families to go out and enjoy the day. If you are stuck at home, you can bond with your family members without thinking of the limited activities you can do. There are so many things you can do with a Goodee projector, it is even too many to count. But here are a few ideas that you can certainly use that can make buying Goodee YG601 a wise buy.


Portable Home Theater
Who has all the time in the world to go to the theaters? Sometimes it’s even such luxury to do so. But then try to think of it, you can simply have a theater at the comfort of your home. What you need is a subscription to Netflix or any movie viewing app or site and a handy projector, the Goodee YG601. Goodee’s updated LCD home theater 1080P projector has excellent brightness compared to other projectors of its level in the market. It has 80% added brightness if you compare to its competitors which gives it an advantage both in brightness and clarity. It means you can watch a movie even with slight light and even outdoors. To add to that excellent viewing quality, Goodee YG601 is 1080p supported and has 230” display. This is certified perfect for home viewing, movie marathons, outdoor presentation, and graphics.


Educational Projector
Kids nowadays have very short attention span, even shorter than that of a goldfish. They can’t simply learn by copying notes or a boring discussion. What they need is something that could stimulate their learning visually. Teachers have come to adapt their teaching style by incorporating projectors in their class. Now they can project images, educational videos, and other teaching materials through a handy projector like Goodee YG601. Due to its high brightness and resolution, teachers need not worry that the classroom is not dim enough or has stray lights since this projector can clearly and excellently project images, videos, or others without any interruption. This is also very practical for schools since it has a 50000 hours lamp lifetime which would make a perfect companion for teachers for a very long time.


 Goodee YG601 Compatible Devices


Office Presentations
We’ve already established the awesome feature of Goodee YG601 to project high resolution and high brightness that shows clear and vivid images to the audience. If you are presenting an important topic in front of your colleagues or a business proposal to your boss, you won’t worry if your projector can perform perfectly. But then there’s the problem of device compatibility. There are some projectors that are not compatible with the device connected. Fortunately for you, Goodee YG601 is compatible with many devices. You can connect it to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even your TV. What if you don’t a gadget with you and you simply have your flash drive. Don’t panic. Goodee YG601 can connect to an external storage. Even if you only have a flash drive, an SD card, hard disc, or even mobile U disk, you can project your presentation with Goodee YG601.

Are you convinced enough of the features and practical functions of Goodee YG601? If not, you can still browse our store and see which projector is good for you.

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3 thoughts on “Why Should You Buy the Goodee YG601

  1. avatar Fiona says:

    Use Hdmi cable to connect, if you don’t know how to use it, we will have a dedicated video to explain the use ~

  2. avatar Fiona says:

    Use Hdmi cable to connect, if you don’t know how to use it, we will have a dedicated video to explain the use ~

  3. avatar Jaeleen says:

    How do you connect it or set it up

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