About Projector – All that you Want to Ask

Everyone has questions in its mind regarding projectors. Here we will try to cover all those questions that will make clarity about projectors in your mind.

What is a Projector?

A projector is a device having a lens in it. This device projects the rays of light on a screen and shows the content (images, videos).

What is the Size of a Projector?

Projectors are available in different sizes. Although these are not too big in sizes and can be moved easily.

What is a Screen Size?

The screen is the area where you have to project the rays for a projector. There are several sizes available from 50 inches to 1000 inches depending on your need, size of room and audience.

How to Project Rays on Screen?

It is a setup process. Modern projectors have zoom in and out facilities, so you do not need to move the projector manually to fit rays on screen. Anyhow, if you have a classical one then you have to move your project by hand to adjust it at the right place.

What is the Picture Quality of the Projector?

Projectors can provide up to 4K ultra HD quality. You can buy a good Projector from the Goodee store for under $400.

Is a Projector Good for Business?

There are several types of Projector. Surely they are also available for business presentations.

Do I Need a Dark Room for a Projector?

Modern projectors have a great brightness quality so, you can use them even under sunlight.

Is a Projector Good for Gaming?

Who does not want to play on a big screen? Goodee projectors are also available for gaming.

Do I Need Separate Speakers?

Goodee projectors have an awesome built-in audio sound system, so you do not need to buy a separate sound system.

Can I Connect a Streaming Device with a Projector?

Yes, you can. If your Projector has slots, you can connect streaming devices such as Google Chrome cast. You can search for your model on the internet to exactly know that either they support streaming devices or not.

Is a Projector Better than a TV?

TVs are the traditional devices that are being replaced by projectors. As today's projectors have all the features of a smart TV and available at less price, so people now prefer projectors on TVs.