Top 8 Best Goodee Projectors In 2020
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Top 8 Best Goodee Projectors In 2020

Projectors are much more than slideshow devices. They can do much more than just changing a few frames per minute or faster. Projectors allowed film reels to roll, bringing us an entirely new medium of entertainment, but that was a century ago. This is the digital age. Like everything else, the projector technology has improved too. 
Projectors no longer need a theatre to entertain you. You can put them in your living room and enjoy a movie night with a real cinematic effect. And you can take your gaming experience to a whole new level too. Digital projectors with advanced connectivity tech enable gamers to connect across platforms and use projector displays as their game screen. 
And that’s not all. A bigger, clearer, and well-defined visual experience for entertainment isn’t everything that a modern projector can do. Projectors can now be used to set up virtual conferences. You can conduct official meetings or online classes for distant learning too. 
Moreover, replacing a screen display with a digital projector is a viable option if you are concerned with your eye health. These devices reflect light while a television emits light directly. The reflecting light is less straining to the human eye. Also, the screen size can be adjusted according to the room space. You don’t have to narrow your focus to a small screen; thus, your eyes are less affected. 
Newer projectors are smaller in size but offer better specs and performance. They come in several varieties as well. Some of these portable while others are fixable—many people like new compact-sized projectors due to their portability.
If you wish to level up your audiovisual experience for entertainment and work. The options to choose from are plenty as well. 
Different brands have expanded their entertainment tech range and introduced their models of digital projectors. However, it’s a good idea to go with a label specializing in entertainment tech and projectors. 
For digital projectors with reliable build and performance quality, Goodee is a name you can trust!
Given below is a list of eight of the best Goodee projectors in 2020. A quick review with the top features for each product has been highlighted. For further information, you can always visit their official website.


The Top 8 Best Goodee Projectors:


1. GooDee BL68 2020 Video Projector 50000 Hours Lamp Life Support 1080P Full HD:

Goodee BL68 is a traditional designed video Projector that supports 1080p video quality. It uses a standard protruding lens with adjustment dials on top of the lens. You can use these dials for adjusting focus and keystone by up to 15 percent in any direction. Projector placement becomes too easy because you can project the picture even from any side.

The build quality of Goodee BL68 is not much high, but it uses ABS plastic panel on top and front unit area. This Projector is compatible with almost all types of inputs. It comes with two HDMI Ports, A VGA Port, a pair of USB ports, and even the RCA ports for old school devices. It will be a right choice as it performs well, even in brighter places.

This projector will be best for home use, and office use as it can be used in brightly lit rooms. Goodee BL68 will make the best choice for you if you are looking for an all-purpose projector.

Quick Features:

  • Compatibility:

    Goodee BL68 is compatible with almost all types of inputs. These inputs include HDMI port, A pair of USB ports, A VGA port, and RCA ports for VCRs and Old devices. You can connect two HDMI inputs simultaneously, which is a great feature.
  • Video Quality:

    Unlike most typical projectors, Goodee supports 1080p picture resolution. The picture quality is much better than most projectors. The image size can range from 20 inches to 250 inches, which is quite impressive.
  • Cooling System:

    It uses an upgraded cooling system that uses 3 low-speed fans to cool down your projector without making so much noise. This upgraded cooling system is quieter and more efficient as compared to a single high-speed fan.

Read the full product description: GooDee BL68 2020 Video Projector

2. Goodee BL98 Native 1080P HD Video Projector:

If you are looking for a projector for outdoor use, you should look at Goodee BL98 Native HD Video Projector. It is also great for home theatre media viewing experience with its 1080p picture quality. The best part of this projector is that it comes with built-in speakers that mean there is no need for a separate sound system to enjoy movies.

 Goodee BL98 provides 1920 x 1080 p resolution high definition videos. The project is bright enough to be used in all lighting situations. The projecting is highly adjustable and easy to setup. The biggest problem with this projector is that it is remoteness; the controls are easy, though. It comes with a VGA port, two HDMI ports, and two USB ports. The TF card slot is a great add on as you can directly watch videos from your camera’s storage. It will not be a bad buy if you are going to but this projector.

Quick Features:

  • Multiple Ports: 

    The Goodee BL98 is compatible with almost all media input types that are currently being used. It comes with a pair of USB ports, a pair of HDMI Ports, and VGA port to fulfill your multimedia needs.

  • Easy Controls:

    The control button panel is located on top of the projector with navigation buttons, a power button, and a few other buttons. These controls are very easy to understand and use. There is no need to be professional to use Goodee BL98.

  • Built-in Speaker:

    Unlike most of the projectors, Goodee BL98 comes with a Built-in speaker. There is no need to bring a sound system with a project to listen to video music. It is not a big addition but a great idea. The sound quality of this speaker is good.

Read the full product description: GooDee BL98 HD Video Projector

 3. GooDee 2020 Upgrade G500 Mini Video Projector:

Goodee G500 is one of the smallest projectors in the market. It is not enough small to fit in your pocket but much smaller than a typical video projector. It comes with 3200 lumens display brightness, which great for its small size. In the price range of under $ 150, it is the best you can get.

This projector is bright enough to be used in slightly lit rooms. Its excellent design is great for camping and home use. Even in the compact size, Goodee G500 comes with built-in speakers, which are great add on. You can enjoy your videos without any sound system. It comes with a 3-year warranty that is enough for its price and quality.

When it comes to compatibility, you can use this mini projector with any of your devices as it comes with all required ports for multimedia. This project even accepts the RCA audio for an older device like VCR. It is excellent for office use and classroom use.

Quick Features: 

  • Compact Size: 

    The Goodee G500 is a mini video projector with a much smaller size as compared to typical video projectors. This compact-sized video projector is highly portable due to its size and carrying bag. It can fit in a bag or a purse easily.
  • Controls:

    The controls are located on the top side of the video projectors. The controls are easy to use and understand. You can project your videos without any hassle. Simply input the device and start projecting your videos.
  • Budget-Friendly:

    Goodee G500 mini video projector is priced under under 150$. It is
    one of the most economical video projectors in the market. It is compatible with all types of inputs, and the video quality is also fair. You get a three-year warranty on this device.

Read the full product description: G500 Mini Video Projector

 4. GooDee YG200 Pico Mini Power Bank Supported Projector Portable Projector:

If you are finding a projector for your school kid, you should have a look at Goodee YG200 Pico mini projector. It is one of the compact-sized video projectors in the market due to its extra small size. The 60 inches of image size can be projected using this mini projector, which is a great feature. The best part of this mini projector is its Power Bank operation: it is USB powered and can be used anywhere without the main power source.

The native resolution of YG200 is 320 by 240, is fair under the price range of 50$. It is one of the smallest and the cheapest video projectors. This mini projector is compatible with HDMI supporting devices and has a USB port.

It comes with 5 buttons and a dial on top, which is used for controlling projection. The handlebar on the side of the lens is used for adjusting the image focus. This video projector deserves a try if you are buying the projector first time.

Quick Features:

  • Compact Size:

    The best feature of the Goodee YG200 is its compact size. It can be easily stashed in a bag or a purse. It is excellent for camping and kids. It has all the essential features that can be expected from a projector.
  • Economical:

    When it comes to the price, the Goodee YG200 is just $ 70. It is one of the cheapest and the smallest video projectors available in the market. It could be a good birthday present for kids.
  • Power Bank Supported:

    Another great feature of Goodee YG200 is that it is a power bank supported. There is no need for main supply switches near the setup location. It uses 5V USB input for operation. This feature makes it great for camping and traveling.

Read the full product description: GooDee YG200 Pico Projector

5. GooDee YG220 Portable Mini Projector LED Video Projector:

Everything is getting smaller and smaller with modernization, the same with the projectors. The sizes of projectors have been dramatically reduced from the last decade. Mini video projectors are more in demand as compared to high-end video projectors. Goodee YG220 is one of the pocket-size video projectors having the size of a hand palm. There are many good projects are available in the market but are not portable. This projector is also very economical when it comes to its price.

The Goodee YG200 is highly portable due to its small size. This projector can be fitted into a purse of a handy backpack. You can set up this mini projector in just a few mins with it easy to use controls. It is compatible with almost all modern multimedia devices such as Chromecast USB stick and Fire TV. It will not be a wrong choice if you are going to but this mini projector for your kid.

Quick Features:

  • Pocket Size:

    Goodee YG220 is one of the compact size video projectors with all basic functionalities of a video projector. You can carry this mini video projector in your backpack or purse easily. It weighs only 1.38 lb, it is very light to carry with you.
  • Compatibility:

    Regardless of the small size of Goodee YG220, it is compatible with all modern multimedia devices such as Chrome Cast USB Stick, Laptops, TVs and fire TV, etc. You can connect your devices through USB ports, HDMI port, SD, and AV and uses a 3.55 mm jack interface for audio.
  • Design:

    The design of Goodee YG22 is unique as compared to most of the video projectors. It comes with a small stand design that helps you set up the projector at any surface. Even in its small size, it features the Focus Adjustment.

Read the full product description: GooDee YG220 Portable Mini Projector

6. Goodee YG600 Updated LCD Home Theater 1080P Supported Projector

Goodee manufactures a wide range of projects ranging from the small portable projector to high-end projectors. Goodee YG620 is one of the best video projectors due to its features and performance. It will be a good choice if you are going to buy this projector. It supports 1080P high definition videos but downscales them to 720p, which is not too bad. This projector is best for office use with its image size capability and quality.

Goodee YG600 is compatible with almost all kinds of multimedia inputs such as USB, VGA, HDMI, SD, and AV. The build is quality of this projector is high, and finishing is also very good. This Projector features 4500 lumens brightness, which means it is great for almost all light situations. It comes with a Built-in speaker with fair sound quality. There is no need to carry a sound system with your video projector.

Quick Features:

  • Brightness:

    When it comes to the brightness of the Projector, the Goodee YG600 features 4500 lumens brightness. You will get a high-quality picture even in lit rooms. This feature makes it best for office and classroom use where the environment is not too friendly for the projector.
  • Build Quality:

    A high-quality lens and material have been used for manufacturing that makes it durable and reliable. Most part of this projector is made of plastic, but its finishing could assess its quality. There is no need to worry about its quality
  • Easy-to-use Control Panel:

    The simple control panel is located on top of the lens. There is a dial on top that is used for adjusting the focus of the image and other buttons for its operation. You don’t need to be a professional in order to use this projector.

Read the full product description: Goodee YG600 LCD Home Projector

7. GooDee YG620 Newest LED Video Projector | Contrast 7000:1 |

Native 1080P Projector It has become very easy to enjoy movies with cinematic experience at the ease of your home. Goodee YG620 is one of the latest video projectors with new features and add-ons for a better experience. The design of this LED is sleek and attractive, gives it a modern feel. Shiny Silver Plastic has been used to manufacture its body, making it suitable for sophisticated spaces such as offices. The contrast ratio is very high; you will always get clearer and sharp picture quality. It is much better than most of the projectors of the review list.

Like many high-end projectors, it uses smart cooling technology. It uses three slow speed fans instead of one high-speed fan; the cooling process becomes quieter.

Goodee YG620 is compatible with almost all multimedia devices. It comes with an SD card slot for more convenience. The controls on top of the projector are very easy to understand and control. Anyone can get acquainted entirely after a few uses.

Quick Features:

  • Cooling Technology:

    Like any high-end Video projector, The Goodee YG620 uses three slow speed fans for cooling instead of a single high-speed fan. The cooling process is much quieter with Multiple fans as compared to the single fan.
  • Attractive Design:

    The design of the Goodee is highly attractive due to its shiny finishing and sleek design. It will almost all types of decors of office. The lens is located at the ideal position that helps in adjusting the image on the screen.
  • Contrast:

    There is a large variety of projectors available in the market. With thecontrast ratio of 7000:1, it is one of the best projectors in the whole projector review. This feature makes it the choice of professionals.

Read the full product description: GooDee YG620 LED Video Projector

8. GooDee F20 Native Full HD 1080P LED Video Projector, Home Theater Projector:

If you are looking for an industrial-grade projector, here comes the new projector, Goodee F20 projector. This will be the best buy if you are going to buy a projector for home Theatre experience. It comes with some remarkable features that make it one of the best home theatre projectors. Goodee F20 is known for its high-quality picture, and it converts the video into native resolution. The contrast ratio is also much better than most projectors.

When it comes to the brightness level, Goodee is much better than most projectors available in the market. It comes with built-in stereo speakers for best home theatre experience. The sound quality is fair enough that there is no need for a sound system. Goodee features Keystone Adjustment, which means there is no need to worry about the projector's placement. You should consider this projector, as it has all features that will fulfill your multimedia needs.

Quick Features:

  • Keystone Adjustment:

    Only a few high-end projectors feature Keystone Adjustment, Goodee F20 is one of them. You can adjust the screen by up to 15 percent in any direction. The placement and screen positioning has become very easy.
  • Connectivity:

    Goodee F20 projector is compatible with all multimedia devices. This projector is not device-specific; you can use any device such as Amazon Fire TV or Chrome Cast Stick or PlayStations. You can connect through HDMI port, USB port, etc.
  • Stereo Sound:

    The sound quality of most of the projector is not too good, but the Goodee F20 comes with a Hi-Fi stereo sound system. There is no need for an external sound system to enjoy movies with the cinematic experience.

Read the full product description: Goodee F20 projector


Godee specializes in digital projector technology. They offer the best features without putting unreasonable price tags on their products. Per this review, the Goodee YG600 is the best video projector for its price. It has a reliable build quality and offers many advanced features as well. It provides what can easily be described as the signature Goodee display; sharp, well-defined, and vibrant. It’s a value for money digital projector!

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