Goodee YG600 Projector - Full In-Depth Review
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Goodee YG600 Projector - Full In-Depth Review

YG601 is Goode's one of the best and affordable projectors that can be used for multiple purposes. You can use it to watch movies with family or friends, for business presentations and educational institutes can also use it for delivering the concepts in a better way.

In this article, you will read an in-depth review of YG601. I am going to explain all the features and specifications.

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YG600 Brightness Quality

YG601 has a great brightness quality. It provides a bright and clear image of the objects. You can watch the clear picture even in sunlight which simply means that it can also be used outdoors and you do not need to turn off the lights for a good quality picture.

This projector does not bound you so, keep enjoying anywhere you want. Additionally, it provides ultra HD picture quality. Let’s see all about image quality.

What Resolution YG600 Offers?

By having Goodee YG601, you can enjoy 1080p quality in full HD mode. It shows the pictures clear and brighter compared to the other projectors available in the market at the same price.

As it offers HD quality images, it is perfect for home theater, watching movies, gaming, presentations, and graphics.

What is Supported Screen Size?

Its screen projection range is from 44 to 230 inches and you have to place it 4.9 to 18 feet away from the screen for desired projection in the given range. With the use of LED light and LCD, it also uses less bulb source that increases the lifespan.

High-Quality Fans to Keep Projector Cool

It is very important to keep the machinery cool while running. If a machine becomes too hard then it can stop working and even the system can blast.

In case of a YG601 projector, you do not need to worry about the cooling of the system as it has built-in fans that will keep it cool while running.

High-Quality Audio System

YG601 has a built-in audio system that provides superb sound with a clear voice. I am sure you will not be able to find such a balanced projector at this price.

What is the Cost of YG600?

The cost is $219.99 but nowadays, it is available for just $169.99 at Goodee store. It is for a limited time so avail it as soon as you can.

Buy from Goodee with Warranty

Goodee also gives a 3 years warranty on the YG600 projector that is amazing. You can also claim a refund within 2 months if you are not satisfied with the product. Note that this warranty is only applicable to this product and others have different warranty options.

Sum Up

The bottom line is, YG600 projector is just a perfect device for education to entertainment and gaming. By having a very bright image quality, it can also be used outdoors. Price and then warranty option will insist on users to buy it.

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    1. Does 3 yr warranty apply to the bulb?
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    3. What is replacement cost of bulb?
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