W80 Wireless Video Projector Review
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W80 Wireless Video Projector Review

We all love to have an expanded viewing experience during movie nights in our home theatres, right? That's why you need a functional projector like GooDee's W80 Wireless Video Projector. It stands out amongst its peers, thanks to a string of high-quality and exclusive features.

Making the right choice for a projector does not come easy. Hence, you need to know the important things to consider to select the most appropriate gadget. This task becomes even more confusing because you'd have to evaluate the pricing, qualities and matching features of many other brands.

However, that's not a problem anymore as our W80 Wireless Video Projector review delivers all you want to know on a platter. It also brings your screens one of the most adorable and functional projectors suitable for all your viewing, gaming, and presentation needs. Here's all you need to know about the specifications, features, and pros of this W80 projector.

Package Contents

Who Needs the W80 Wireless Projector?

Do you want to recreate the cinema in your movie room or need a large view of gaming? Your best bet is the W80 projector. This device offers the perfect display for gamers with low input lag and top-notch quality display. Besides, it enhances your gaming experience with a near real-life display of characters.

You may also use it for your presentations as well as other viewing purposes. Hence, you can stream and watch all you want in absolute brightness and 4k image quality. Moreso, you can connect to your Android and IOS phone systems and have a glamorous app view in 4k.

Now that you're sure you need the W80 projector let's delve into the features that make it stand out. 

Features and Capabilities

#1. Excellent Brightness

What's the use of a projector without the fantastic display of high-quality brightness? As you should know, this is one feature that endears a projector to users. So, you should always check out the brightness quality of any projector.

Fortunately, it's one of the standout features of the W80 wireless projector. Thanks to its 3000:1 contrast which complements the brightness to deliver crisp images even in low lighting conditions.

Moreover, it comes with an LED light that can work for over 50000 hours, lighting up your living or movie room for a wonderful viewing experience. Due to its rare tech design, it also shines out even in a room with bright ambient lighting.

More so, this projector provides improved projection color contrast to provide quality colors for viewing vivid images. Therefore, you can trust GooDee's W80 Wireless Video Projector for your indoor and outdoor viewing purposes.

#2. Outstanding Sharpness

No one enjoys a hazy video quality or a blurry display. That's why sharpness is essential in any projector. Whether it is for gaming, movies, or presentation, everyone will love to have their images crisp and sharp. Hence, the W80 projector offers you outstanding sharpness in the most fantastic way.

Fitted with a native resolution of 1280 x 720, you can always view your projected images bright and clear. The projector also delivers or supports 1080p full HD image quality.

More so, with an additional 50% brightness to balance the 200-inch screen, you could view the acne on a character's face. Yes, the color is mind-blowing, the images are dynamic and vivid, and the sharpness makes TV objects even more real.

#3. High-Quality Refined Sound

Apart from the video and display quality, one other feature for an unforgettable viewing experience is sound. The sound of a projector enhances the view and makes it a hell of a movie room time!

And trust me, if you want a projector with a top-notch quality sound quality, the W80 is your answer. It comes with built-in stereo speakers (3W) that deliver SRS sounds for a wonderful viewing time.

Hence, you need not bother about low hearing participants during your presentation. This gadget delivers supersonic sounds of top-notch quality.

#4. Connectivity 

You will need high-grade connectivity in projectors to prevent glitches and lags when viewing or gaming. W80 projector comes with HDMI/AV/USB/TF input portals to connect with various forms of devices like computers, TV boxes, DVD players, USB memory, and smartphones.

You can also connect video games such as PS4 or PS5 consoles and Google Chromecast through suitable input portals. Moreover, you can also connect this projector to your devices through WIFI.


#5. Mounting 

This mini projector comes with a single mounting hole dual-use design. This feature is necessary to enable the projector to meet various height needs. The mounting aid makes it compatible with a standard camera tripod and a quarter-inch screw projector tripod stand.

#6. Accessories 

The projector sure wouldn't work on its own as it would need a few components to complete the setup. Besides, aside from the compact and sleek projector machine, GooDee's W80 comes with many accessories that make set up easy. It includes an HDMI cable and AV cable for connecting other devices.

More so, there's a remote control to ease up navigation and command selections. A power adapter is necessary to connect the projector to power, and the pack contains one of the best.

One of the most interesting accessories added to the W80 is the 100-inch free projector screen. This feature enables ample display of top-quality image and video.


No Glitches when Gaming

Thanks to the low input lag, you get to enjoy your gaming without glitches both indoor and outdoors.

Simple to Set Up and Use

I can tell you for sure that the W80 projector is easy to use and set up. The remote control gives you access to simple navigation through the command options. It eases the selection with its numerous buttons. Also, the package comes with a manual that provides a detailed explanation of the setup procedures.

Lightweight and Compact

True to its name, this mini projector is sleek enough to whisk off to any venue for entertainment and presentation purposes. It's your best bet for a portable theatre as it's lightweight and easy to move around. A size spec of 7.9 x 5.5 x 2.7 inch enables you to take it anywhere your need calls.

Final Word

Getting a video projector that would meet your specifications and needs may seem challenging. After several evaluations and research, you may need a guide like this GooDee W80 Wireless Video Projector review.

The write up above says all you need to know about one of the best projectors in the market. We hope it provides answers to your numerous questions.

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