Digital home: should I buy a TV or a projector?
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Digital home: should I buy a TV or a projector?

Attempting to settle on a projector or a flat-screen television can be very confusing. “Should I buy a projector or a TV?” For many individuals, TVs are the default with regards to viewing their preferred movies and shows, while projectors are saved only for cinemas.

That’s not fair since great projectors have become both cheap and convenient, and they genuinely give TVs a run for their money. Be that as it may, which is better for your lounge, home film, or media room? Through this comparison, we will see which of them is a bang for the buck!

Screen size

  • It is a hands-down win for projectors. Even though the difference is decreasing day by day, modern TVs go as full as 80 inches, although some can also exceed more than 100 inches.
  • Whereas an average projector screen is about 120 inches. Plus, TVs of this size tend to cost a fortune.


  • Driven TVs expect next to zero maintenance by any means. Projectors use a bulb as a light source instead of tiny LEDs which will sooner or later, wear out. Life expectancy of a projector light can be up to 2000 hours.
  • This means that even if you use the projector for 2 hours on a daily basis, the bulb will last for about 2 years.
  • Even though the bulb can go for an extended period depending on use, it is no match for the diodes present in the TV that can last for up to 10 years!

Viewing experience

  • Numerous people feel that because of the bigger screen size and less brightness in comparison to a TV, projectors can provide a more comforting experience. As if compared to a cinema, where the picture is generally more immersive.


  • Projectors are, all in all, less expensive than practically identical HD TVs. A 108- inch TV, for instance, would cost several thousand (on the off chance that you can discover one to purchase); however, getting a similar screen size and proportional HD picture quality could cost well under a thousand dollars with a projector.

Protecting the eyes

  • Is projector better than TV for your eyes? The answer is yes! Projector screens put less strain on the eyes. Light bouncing of a surface is easier on the eyes as compared to a light directly emitted towards them. This makes projectors more comfortable to watch for longer period of time.


  • Projection tv lose their brightness in a sufficiently bright room more than standard TVs. It results in a feeling of lower screen definition, and the video quality isn't on a par with what you want. Besides, projectors with high brightness are very costly! 


  • Projects’ contrast is far more superior to that of a TV. They are giving you a substantially clearer picture. Be that as it may, the surroundings might make it useless if not installed correctly. However if not being placed in a dull room, TV is the preferred choice.


Now, you would've had an idea of what kind of setup you would want to have at your home. Although, this blog might have favored the projector instead of a TV, in the end, it comes to your requirements and how you plan to use it.

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