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Stay home, stay safe.

You must have heard this phrase a lot over the past few weeks. While it is to keep you all safe from the coronavirus, being quarantined at home is starting to become dull and mundane.

You must be missing going out with your friends, the shopping sprees, lunches and dinners, going to parties and a lot more.

As a parent, you would be concerned about your kids and the education they are missing out on. If you are an artist, you would be missing your art studio or the long, peaceful walks around an art museum.

No matter who you are and what you do, the worldwide quarantine has affected you. Life has become uncertain and boring all of a sudden.

Are you looking for fun during the lockdown? Are you wondering about ways to enjoy yourself while you stay at home?

If yes, then worry no more. The Goodee Projector Store has brought you the perfect way to add colors to your life. Your very own projector at home!


When you think of a projector, your mind instantly connects it to movies. Isn’t that right? Well, projectors really do enhance your movie experience after all. But that’s not all that you can do with projectors.

Goodee projectors come with a wide range of designs, features, styles, settings, and sizes. Each one has qualities of its own. These qualities help you do cool and creative things with a projector.

What are those?

Below is a list of 9 different ways to use your projector and make life fun at home.

1. I Smell Pop Corn… It’s Movie Time! 

Movie night is top on our list when talking speaking of a projector. It is also one of the best video projection ideas that will brighten your day.


If you’re feeling low, cheer yourself up with a comedy movie. For some quality time with your family, put on an all-time favorite and enjoy it. If you have kids, play an animated film and watch your little ones get lost in the vibrant colors.

You can also watch movies with your friends through apps like Netflix House Party. The quarantine should not stop you!

Projectors are not only great for movies or seasons. If you want to inspire yourself, get your creative juices running, or learn something new. You can play educational videos, documentaries, and YouTube tutorials.

The big screen size will grab your attention, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen. Projectors are, hence, ingenious devices that can help you learn while you have fun.

2. Light and Music Show 

Goodee projectors are here to help you arrange a light and music show at home. And it will be as fun as it sounds.

Goodee technology is smart and allows you to connect with free source apps such as MusicBeam. These apps help you create light effects around your room. Turn the lights off and have your party right at home. Connect the projector to speakers and turn up the music.

To enhance your experience, you can dress up and get some snacks out too. The light beams will dance all night with you.


3. Group Study 

Group study, right after a party, may not sound fun. But with a projector, you can take group studies to a new level of excitement.

Connect with your friends via a Skype video chat, Zoom call, or Google Classroom, etc. Once in touch, connect your laptop to your projector and find your friends right in front of you. You might not meet them in person, but they are still here right in front of you.

The big display and high picture quality of Goodee projectors will prevent pixelation. It will provide you a view that will almost feel live.

Moreover, studying this way will be more comfortable and more engaging. You can display your notes and lectures in front of you and read with comfort.

Bonus: you can connect with your friends, catch up with their lives, and complete your classwork all at once.

With your friends by your side, you can share any issues or anxiety you may have in these unprecedented times. Unwind and share while also keeping you and your parents satisfied with your education.

4. Time for Holiday!

The best part of a usual holiday, such as Christmas, is that you get to spend it at home with your family. While in quarantine, you have already been doing that.

Once again, a projector is ready for rescue. It will help you delve into holiday spirits.

To celebrate your holidays in full swing, displaying vibrant and beautiful images or videos on your walls and ceilings using a projector. It will add life to any room, making it look more festive.

If it’s Christmas, display photos of snow-capped pine trees, fairy lights, golden bells, Santa Claus and reindeers along with jingles playing in the back. For Halloween, there is no need for supplies or decorations. Pull off a scary setup by using a horror projector display and some spooky music.

To make things even better, go down memory lane with your family by displaying old holiday photos and videos from the past.

5. The Sea Is At Your Service 

If you love pool parties and the Sea, you can combine both and have the coolest pool party ever.

Set up your projector screen near your pool. Display peaceful videos of the ocean. Display a view of water waves splashing on the beach, tides crashing into rocks, seashells scattered, and fine, warm sand glistening under a pure blue sky.
The Sea will be at your service. Not only near the pool but also at night.

If you want to experience the Sea’s tranquility and listen to the sound of waves, you can set up your display towards the ceiling. Lie down, play a video of flowing water and relax. It can be replaced by any other view you want, such as a sky full of stars, fireflies, lights, and a lot more.

This video projection idea can help you stay calm and serene amidst stress. 

6. Paint Your Heart Out

At home, it is hard to paint or draw in the limited space and record it too. Projectors can help you out. Even if you are not an artist, this idea will help you reveal your artsy side with no one around to judge.

While drawing, you can also record yourself and later look back to it or upload it on YouTube to inspire other artists like you. For this, you can screen record your painting or set a camera close to the projector for a different angle. A large display will also look cool in photographs!

Project an image onto a wall in your house. Pin paper or canvas to the wall and paint on it by tracing the image. You can also paint the wall itself.

With the image displayed, trace it with your pencils. Later, fill in with paint, chalk, or crayons. This way, you can paint a gorgeous mural anywhere in the house. With so much time at hand in lockdown, why not give it a try?

Children can also play around the same way and live their artistic desires.

7. Game Night 

If you love gaming, there is no better way to enhance your gaming experience other than a projector. Connect your gaming console to the projector and display it on a large screen or even a wall. To go a bit extra, you can also display it against darker walls for a more thrilling vibe.

Play Fortnite, Mario, Tekken, Call of Duty, WWE, or any game you like. Believe it or not, it will be an awesome gaming experience.

Host gaming nights, invite your friends online and play together. This way, you will enjoy gaming like never before, and you will also get to do it with your friends around.

8. Time for Stories

Storytime will be a lot more fun for your kids if you have a projector. For example, you can display a picture book on the screen for your toddlers. Not only will they be able to see pictures very clearly, but they will also learn better.

You can also display the text you're reading from. Moreover, while reading them a story, you can also play a video that adds to explain the story better. It will widen your child’s imagination too.

This way, you can teach your kids more easily. Display an apple, ball, or cat on the screen and show them the alphabet.

You can also play nursery rhymes along with photos and writing. It will help your child stay engaged, and their mind will be able to remember the larger illustrations more effectively.

9. Did I Hear Planetarium?

You will be excited right now if you are an astrology fan.

A planetarium is a display of the sky, stars, galaxies, and planets. This display can be directed onto your walls, ceilings, and even your floor. With the HD image quality of Goodee projectors, this view will feel almost real, as if you are looking right through your telescope.

A planetarium can also increase your children’s interest in astrology. If your kid wants to go to space, what can be better than a space-themed birthday celebration right at home?

Celestia or Stellarium are the apps that you will connect your projector to. Stellarium is a widely used app even by museums and planetariums around the world, so plug your projector in and let the magic begin.

Here is the list of uses for a projector. Exciting and unique, right?

If you do not have a projector already, it is time to get yours now. Goodee has a variety of projectors with high-tech features, various settings, a high definition video, and audio quality. And one of the best customer services.

Click and get the Goodee YG601 LCD Home Theatre 1080P Supported Projector. Perfect for your homes! Check the Goodee Projector Store for more options.

Why Goodee?


There are many successes in buying a projector from Goodee.

  • Price

Goodee has a very vast range of projectors. It means that it has projectors that cover a wide price range. No matter what your budget is, Goodee will surely have an excellent choice for you. Moreover, Goodee projectors are very affordable in general.

  • Sizes

The size of a projector decides how easily it can be carried around as well as display size.

Goodee projectors come in many different sizes. 

It has the LCD Home Projector, G500 Mini Video Projector, F20 Native Full HD 1080P LED Video Projector, and many others to fit your size requirements. 

If you want a compact or portable projector, get the Goodee G500 Mini. For home theater Display, get the Goodee YG601 LCD Home Theater.

  • Resolution

The higher the image resolution, the better will be the display you get. Goodee brings you projectors with 1080P resolution and full HD display. It means image quality is as sharp and vibrant as a real-life view. With this, every movie, photo, the video will be a treat to look at.

  • Customer Service

Good customer service is essential for the maintenance of your projector. Goodee will be providing you top customer service. It has a stellar record of satisfied customers. From purchase and installation to repair and maintenance, Goodee has your back.

  • Happy Living!

With Goodee projectors and the fantastic tips and cool ways above, you can bring joy into your life especially during the quarantine when times are hard. It is the perfect opportunity to bond with your family, stay connected with your friends, and spend some quality time alone.

Why should you buy one?

There are several ways in which a Goodee projector will cheer your daily life up.

  • Keeps family happy 

Your children will not miss out on studies. More importantly, to keep them distracted and mentally healthy during this pandemic, you should have them enjoy at home.

  • Supports Mental Health 

Your mental health can get adversely affected by staying at home for too long. The endless amazing uses of a projector will allow you to stay happy and keep your family intact.

Buying from Goodee is one of the most affordable options without any compromise on quality. Other brands may not provide such high quality, durability, and loyalty as Goodee will.

During this pandemic, use the tips and tricks above to lighten up your days.

Final Word

Here are the nine cool things to do with a projector. With these tips, you do not have to worry about boredom anymore. Goodee Projectors has the best projector options. With video projection ideas and uses above, fun is only one step away. Get yours now!

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