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GooDee BL98 Native 1080P HD Video Projector

There are many reasons for people buying digital projectors; one of the main is for the cost per image area. The benefits of purchasing a projector are the vast image size; however, some limitations affect the quality of the image. 

The main things to compare are the resolution, brightness, and contrast ratio. There are many different types of projectors available, and finding the best one to suit you is not always easy. 

That's why we bring a comprehensive and authentic review of GooDee BL98 Native 1080 HD Video Projector . 

GooDee is one of the most popular projector manufacturing companies known for offering the best quality pictures at affordable prices. 

So now, let's start reviewing GooDee BL98 Native 1080 HD Home Theater Projector without wasting any further time. 

Goodee Projector Brightness

Exceptionally Good Brightness Performance: Like many other GooDee's mini projectors and mini portable projectors, this home theatre projector comes packed with GooDee exclusive top of the range custom-made brightness effect. The best part about the GooDee BL98 projector is that it features 80% better brightness than other projectors defeating any other projector in the market.

Full HD 1080p Native Resolution: Finding a native 1080p FHD projector? If yes, then this GooDee projector is a choice worth considering. It delivers up to 1920*1080p resolution with an aspect ratio of 4:3 /

Amazing Projection Size: With lifetime over 50,000hrs this and with TFT LCD lamp technology light source, this projector can project up to 35ft - 200ft with distance 4ft – 21ft without losing image quality making this mini projector an unbeatable competitor in this price range. 

Touch Screen Panel

Modern Design and Compact Form Factor: The high-quality build and long-lasting luxurious and exquisite design with unique nine touch button keys make this home theatre projector an easy and smooth experience to use. The ripple appearance combines practically and gives it an artistry touch.

Class-Leading Audio Quality: Besides all the above-mentioned features, this GooDee projector is none less than any other high-end projector in terms of sound quality. It features a built-in dual powerful speaker that produces clear sound, making both audio and visual experience an immense sensation.

Multiple Interface

Multiple Interface Support:  Any projector in incomplete without proper support of media interfaces, and GooDee Projector knows it pretty well. That is why it comes packed with every modern interface such as HDMI, USB, AV, TF, VGA, and headphones so you can use this GooDee mini projector on the go.

Multiple Connectors

Compatibility: This Home Theater Projector also outshines every other available mini projector in terms of compatibility with hardware devices. It is compatible with almost every kind of digital device like TV Box, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, and DVD/VCD players, SD Card, USB Flash Drive, Video Games, Media Players, Computers and Smartphones. You can also connect this GooDee Projector with PS3, PS4, or with any other gaming console to enjoy the gaming experience at its best.

Return and Guarantee Policy: A whopping five-year service Guarantee shows how much GooDee's cares about their customer. Moreover, you can also get a full refund or replacement in case of any dissatisfaction within the first two months of purchase. To accommodate you further, GooDee also offers 24/7 Customer support.

On the Go Entertainment: This home theatre can be used for many purposes including playing movies, DVDs, music, video games as well as much more. This GooDee projector comes with a top-notch DLP (Digital Light Processing Unit) to create a smooth high video performance, with little pixelation and high contrast ratios.

Best for Conferences: As we know, projectors play a vital role in giving any presentation and reports in a conference room mostly. This mini projector also considered as one of the greatest assets for presentations just because of its high-resolution graphics, making it ideal for medical presentations or with high detailed work.

High Portability: The lightweight construction makes this GooDee projector easy to carry around whenever you want.

Noise Free and Accurate Images: With all high-quality components and counterparts such as 3000 lux brightness, this projector provides brightest and cleanest chart data even in slight light without any noise and a more magnificent color density image.

Ample Throw Distance: Throw distance refers to the maximum amount of distance your projector can project. This projector has a sufficient throw for most home and conference use without losing any image quality.

Well-Balanced Contrast Ratios: Contrast Ratios mostly refers to the difference between white level light and black level light. This Home Theater Projector comes packed with higher contrast ratios that deliver the most detailed and well-defined pictures with an accurate dynamic range. 

Final Thought:

You're finally making the jump to the holy grail of home theatre video displays, the first projection system. There's nothing else that delivers that large, impressive video image like a front projection system. 

GooDee Home theatre projector prices have plummeted in recent years, and the size of the units has shrunk right along with the costs. 

No more do you have to live with a coffin-sized box on your ceiling. To get an immense experience of visual and audio media all along, get yours GooDee BL98 Native 1080P HD Video Projector  today.

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    I install this projector in a bright room but in the morning I can not see anything.

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