GooDee F20 Native Full HD 1080P LED Video Projector, Home Theatre Projector
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GooDee F20 Native Full HD 1080P LED Video Projector, Home Theatre Projector

Are you looking for a perfect quality projector to project a significant business presentation, teach a classroom, or watch a movie at home?

In that case, you have tons of choices to look forward to, but if there’s one projector that knows how to display content efficiently on all occasions, it’s the GooDee F20 Native HD video projector.

As you can judge from the title, the GooDee F20 is designed to be used as a ‘home entertainer,’ but you can use it to display important information on other events as well.

Moreover, reliable digital projectors always tend to empty our wallets, and in most cases, you end up paying a lot for something that isn’t even worth a single penny! With that being said, the GooDee F20 digital projector is both budget-friendly and feature-filled, so there’s no chance of wasting money here.

In this review, we will discuss some major impressive aspects of the GooDee F20, and we’ll probably reach a good conclusion – you will say yes to the product!


Goodee F20 1080P Resolution
Original Native HD 1080p Resolution: Once you get your hands on the Native Resolution worth 1920*1080 and a contrast ratio of 3800:1 – the GooDee F20 LED video projector displays the best arrangement of pixels, all thanks to the TFT LCD Imaging Technology, which can manage the number of pixels on the screen, deliver a balanced color saturation, higher contrast and reduction ability. Additionally, you can stream content on the GooDee F20 even under the sun, as the brightness is commendable! Regardless of where you use it, you’ll still be able to get amazing image quality.


Goodee F20 Projection size
Display – 280 Inches – A whole new world: With the projection size of 28 – 280 inches and the projection distance 1.2 – 7.5 m - you can’t go wrong with the quality of imagery. In addition to this, the GooDee F20 gives out the best contrast for both home entertainment and business use. It is designed to provide remarkable performance. Also, the huge screen will take you into a whole new world of graphics.


Goodee F20 Speaker and Advance cooling system
Excellent Cooling System, Long-lasting Lamp: Thanks to the advanced and powerful LED bulbs, which last for more than 56 000 hours, you can use the lamp for more than 15 years. The cooling system is also something to brag about here – a perfect blend of low noise and heat dispersion. In addition to this, you can get low noises with the low fan sound structure and the implementation of innovative materials.


Best Digital Compatibility & Qualified Stereo System: Enjoy your projecting sessions with the 5W stereo system, qualified for almost any activity. In addition to this, the 5W stereo system ensures crystal clear, powerful sound quality to meet all of your business/entertainment needs. Moreover, the GooDee F20 is equipped with plenty of jacks as well, including the VGA, USB, earphone slot, AV, 5V Out, Micro SD, enabling users to project a complete HD presentation from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other streaming devices.
Just Say Yes to GooDee: The best benefit of buying the GooDee F20 is that it offers you a 5-month Free return policy with replacement and refund, plus the 5-year free of cost repair is also one of the best reasons to buy this product. GooDee delivers professional yet kind customer service and provides technical support every day of the week.

Factory-Supported Warranty: When it comes to the warranty details, GooDee provides a 3-year warranty for the projector itself. On the other hand, as mentioned above, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can ask for a refund as well.

A Huge Cinematic Experience: The projection screen size is large enough to transform your living room into an IMAX cinema. Without a doubt, the GooDee F20 is the ideal choice for a nice festive and occasional celebration.
Low-Fan Blessing: The GooDee F20 is equipped with the stunning noise-reducing technology and a decent cooling system that delivers a great combination of lower noise and nice heat dispersion. So, whenever you’re watching movies, you won’t be bothered by anything.

Final Thoughts

To get the best quality home projector that can be used for both professional and entertainment purposes, there’s no need for you to dig through mountains as you can easily fulfill your projecting-requirements with one amazing HD video projector – the GooDee F20.

Generally speaking, it’s a great privilege to have a video projector at your home to spend your leisure on. So, don’t be the kind of person who goes to the cinema every time he/she wants to spend some quality time with their friends, family, partner, and even alone.

With the GooDee F20 Native Full HD 1080p, you can experience a whole new world of graphics, with a powerful sound system to keep you neutral.

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