GooDee YG220: Best Portable Mini Projector
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GooDee YG220: Best Portable Mini Projector

One of the things that discourage consumers or buyers is the bulkiness of projectors. There are tons of projectors are too heavy to carry around. You’d rather just place it in one place thank bringing it outdoors for a quick movie marathon. Then there is the problem of complicated setting up. A lot of projectors are too complex and hard to manage that it takes up a lot of time to assemble and find the right angle for viewing. That is why GooDee created a projector that eliminates all your worries. We bring you GooDee YG220 Portable Mini Projector LED Video Projector.


Goodee TG220


What makes it different?

Goodee YG220 is very different compared to most projectors. For one, it is smaller and more portable. This mini projector by Goodee weighs only about 1.38 lb. And mind you, this portable projector won’t take up too much space since it is only 4.33in in diameter and 7.09in high. You surely place it in a small table, the floor, a small elevated box, and even store it inside your handy backpack. 

You may think that since it is so small and portable, the quality would be no good. You are definitely wrong. Goodee YG220 is one small but awesomely great projector. Starting from its design, the modern style of the projector would fit and go with any home, office, or theater interior; it would look much like a décor. You don’t have rack your brains on where to appropriately place the device since it won’t be out of place. Other than it is easy to carry and remotely very cute, this projector can rotate 360 degrees. No need to be frustrated of setting up the right angle. You only need to rotate up, done, left, right, and about face. You can do all that.


GooDee YG220 Compatible Devices


Since we’ve established the portability and simplicity of GooDee YG220, let’s move on to its maximum capacity of connectivity. This YG220 mini portable projector has a lot of inputs included. It can connect through USB, HDMI, SD, AV, and 3.55mm audio interfaces that could adapt if you set up for theater, video gaming, party, and even outdoor activities. And to bring more good stuff, this cute but very reliable projector can support 1080p resolution. You can surely have theater quality without the bulky equipment.


Not convinced enough?

If you are not convinced in all those amazing features of GooDee YG220 Portable Mini Projector LED Video Projector, then I guess you will live these added features.

  • You can surely sync and connect the GooDee YG220 projector to your smartphone and laptop using HDI adaptor. All you need to do is check out our GooDee Store and purchase a projector accessory that you will need.
  • If you are thinking of not owning a speaker that is compatible with the projector, then consider your worry nullified. Why? GooDee YG220 has a built-in speaker that you can use if you are watching a movie or playing video games.

Happy Family watching from projector


Still not enough?

Why don’t you read these reviews from customers who purchased and used GooDee YG220 Portable Mini Projector LED Video Projector?

"This projector comes small in its size, won't occupy much space when in use… I felt it's better than the TV or computer or tablet screen. Audio output is loud enough for even movies. Input can be HDMI or USDB. This is very flexible...”— Amazon Customer

I was looking for something my kids could use on their own that would have a good picture, was simple to use, but wouldn’t be a huge investment. This projector is so much better than I expected it to be for the price! It’s simple to use, easy to set up, and has great picture quality. We’ve used it to project videos, video games, and even a picture slideshow. It has multiple port options so can be used to project almost anything with ease.” —L. Lewis, South Carolina, United States, Amazon Customer

Shop for more GooDee projector options. We have mini projectors, home theater projectors, business projectors, and even educational-use projectors. You can even for projectors accessories for tripods and connectivity devices that you will need. Simply visit the Goodee Store and shop all the way.

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