Best Goodee Projectors for 2019
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Best Goodee Projectors for 2019

A projector is becoming a necessity in a lot of organization, industry, and even in our homes. Schools need the guidance of projectors to properly educate students. Companies are in use of projectors to convey business presentations and business proposal. Even in our homes, a projector can give as much leisure and .luxury as that of a movie theater. Can you imagine that, a cinema of your own in the comfort of your home.

What a luxury it is to have a projector. But your budget just cannot reach the cost of the projector. Here’s the catch. You can have your own projector, a very affordable projector that fits your budget. Goodee projectors do not only low-cost projectors but it also gives you quality. Here are our top pics that you will surely love.


GooDee YG200 Pico


1. GooDee YG200 Pico Mini Power Bank Supported Projector

     Best features:

  • Portable
  • Stylish
  • Power Bank supported
  • Great for mobile devices


Nowadays, we want everything on-the-go. We want coffee that we can carry and drink while walking, we want a music device small enough to keep in pockets, and shopping with a simple click of a finger. And we also want a movie theater we can carry around wherever we go. How is that possible? Through GooDee YG200 Pico Mini Power Bank Supported Projector. Goodee’s mini projector is so portable that you can carry it around and use outdoors. It is only 5.2in x 3.9in x 2.36in and weighs over 0.59 pounds. You can simply stuff it inside your backpack and you’re ready to go. Goodee YG200 has also an intricate design that gives it a stylish, chic look that appeals to people.

GooDee YG200 Pico Power Bank SupportedAs I said it is a mini projector that you can use outdoors; that problem is where to plug it in? Fret not, Goodee YG200 support power supply through a portable charger with 5v/2a. As long as you have a power bank it is good for travel, hiking, camping, and any outdoor activity. Another good thing about Goodee YG200 is that it can be connected to your mobile device with the right connectors.



Pro Tip

  • Make sure to bring a portable screen with you or find a solid white background as your projector screen.
  • For iPhone/iPad: A Lightning to HDMI adapter cable or an HDMI Wi-Fi display adapter is needed.
  • For Android Device: Please prepare an MHL cable (Notice: Your device should support MHL function.)


Customer Review

“The projector I bought surprised me because it is very small and cute, and what’s more, it is useful. I’ve always wanted to buy a projector to watch movies in my bedroom, I compared a lot of different projectors with different brands and different prices on Amazon, and finally I chose one in this store and about its price, it is a real bargain for me. After receiving and using it, I think it is great, fully satisfied my need of enjoying movies in my bedroom at night.”


Goodee YG500 Movie Projector

2. Goodee YG500 Movie Projector Built-in Speaker Multimedia Projector

     Best features:

  • High resolution
  • Portable
  • Built-in speaker


If you are a movie buff then this is the projector for you. It is quite pricey to go to the movies every time you feel like watching a blockbuster hit. If you already have Netflix, Viu, or other movie watching apps on your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone, then all you need to have is Goodee YG500 Movie Projector Built-in Speaker Multimedia Projector. This projector from Goodee projects beautiful multimedia with 800 x 480P resolution. It even supports efficiency contrast making a very effective projector for movies, videos, and collated images. There is no need to worry about having a bulky projector since Goodee YG500 is sized 8.97in x 5.75in x 3.13in in length, width, and height allowing you to take this projector anywhere you want. No need to carry a speaker as well since this projector has a built-in speaker with crystal clear sound quality if compared to other projectors of the same level.


Goodee YG500 Movie Projector High DefinitionA perfect projector that mimics movie screens. Goodee TG500 provides vivid and richer color. If you want to know more about the product, check it out at the Goodee official store.

Customer Review

“I own two of these projectors. We bought the first in 2017 for a Halloween display, as we project a series of ghosts out of our garage windows. It has done a great job of projecting throughout the Halloween and Christmas seasons over the last year. It even went outside and did movie night in the backyard a few times. This year we wanted to add a new set of ghosts to another window in the house -- so I went back to our old reliable projector and saw it had been updated.


And I have to say -- yes -- it's brighter, quieter, and clearer than the old one! This is not going to replace your HDTV, and it's not going to be the projector you buy for a meeting room or classroom for showing text, etc -- but if are looking for a cheap projector that you can get a good quality image from to watch videos/movies, this will do the job just fine.”

GooDee G500 Projector

3. GooDee G500 Projector 420 Video Projector

     Best features:

  • High definition
  • Built-in speaker
  • Wide application and compatibility
  • Portable design


The GooDee G500 Projector 420 Video Projector is a complete package projector that won’t empty your pockets. It is great both for Slide Show presentations and movie marathons. Who could imagine a mini projector with a portable size of 9.64in x 53.3in x 2in and weighing only 2.75lb could project clear and aptly bright projector even on a wide screen. How is that? Well Goodee G500 a resolution of 1280 x 720P and supports up to 1080P. This newest projector by the customer-trusted Goodee brand provides +40 brightness than any other ordinary projector. Know more about this product by visiting the Goodee official store. Maybe you’ll get lucky and land on a discount.


Customer Review

“I really like this projector. I had bought a smaller one of this brand and liked it so I thought this one would be even better. It is. The picture is nice and the focus is very adjustable. You can even adjust the angle the picture is projected at. The sound was loud enough for my family to hear everything. I played the video from my phone using a hdmi converter. There are many ways to hook this up to things and they includes an hdmi cable with it. This one has a lens cover as well. I plan on using this for outdoor movies and for presentations.”

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