Goodee YG620 Review – Best Budget Projector
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Goodee YG620 Review – Best Budget Projector

Are you looking for a modern great projector within your budget? Then Goodee YG620 is the right projector for you.

This has 4k video and great audio quality, set up is very easy, long life lamp, advanced cooling technology, etc.

In this article, I will give you an in-depth review of Goodee YG620 and finally it will be your job to decide whether it is good or not.

Let's start.

Full HD Supported

This projector is full HD and offers 1920 by 1080 great resolution. Additionally, there is a TFT (Thin-film-transistor) LCD technology. By having TFT tech, you can control the individual pixels on the screen.

Color and Contraction Controls

People usually dislike projectors as they only provide the best quality in the darkroom. But the Goodee YG620 is different. There are lots of colors and quality controls. You can even use it in the sunlight. I would not hesitate to say that YG620 is the best alternative to TVs and available at less cost.

Display Size

You can get up to a 300-inch display from the YG620 projector. Its range is from 43 – 300 inches. You can place this projector 4.9 to 18 feet away from the screen and get any picture size as per your desire.

Long Life Lamp & Cooling System

Its LEDs are made by the latest technology and will remain bright for years just like a TV. According to Goodee's official site, it can remain bright for 55,000 hours.

Another problem that we face in such tech products is, they suddenly heat up. But Goodee YG620 has an advanced cooling system. Its fans do not create noise and rapidly cool down the system.

High-Quality Audio System

Normally people do not like the sound system of the projectors and pay additional amounts to buy high-quality speakers. But when it comes to YG620, it has built-in superb speakers.

Digital Compatibility

You can attach your laptop with it, SD cards, HDMI cables and also earphones. Simply, it is fully compatible with other digital devices. You can also attach streaming devices with it to directly browse content from the internet.

Is it Right for Business Use?

YG620 is just perfect for every need. You can use it as a home theater or business presentations. Having lots of variety from quality to distance and price, it is perfect for everyone's needs.

What is the Cost of YG620?

This fully-featured projector is available at $300. But you can buy it for $219.99 from the Goodee store. As compared to TVs and multimedia devices, it is available in less price, having amazing quality, lots of functionality, etc.

Last Words

Today’s modern projector is fully functional, having features that are available on a TV of price $1500. But you can buy this projector for just $219.99 having all the features.

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