What's The Best Mini Projector On The Market Today?
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What's The Best Mini Projector On The Market Today?

Imagine watching a film curled up in a warm blanket, along with your family, with full cinematic effects, vibrant colors, big screen, high-definition display, clear and loud sound, and some fresh popcorn. 

It's a dream come true for every cine enthusiast, isn't it!

Now, imagine switching on a mini projector during a presentation at work: professional, vibrant graphics to help realize your ideas on the screen and make the impression that matters!

What else can someone ask for, right?

But the question is: how can one do that at home without any of the tech installments and help from the IT guys? The answer can't be any more straightforward than a yes!

The key is within your very own Mini Projector! A compact, portable device that will allow you to create a home theater, but you can carry it wherever you want!

So, what is a mini projector? What's the best mini projector on the market today?

Which mini projector should you buy? which one is best for you? or which design would take up the least space in your living room?

You may have a multitude of questions, but worry not! Goodee Projector Store has all the answers as it provides the best options. You won't be able to resist once you will know all the fantastic choices available for you. 

Goodee Projector Store brings you the GooDee YG200 Pico Mini Power Bank Supported Projector to help realize your dream of creating a cinema at your place!

There are many choices available, but understanding what's best for you could be difficult. It is essential to make the right choice. After all, you are investing own money on it. 

That's why the research you will do gonna be worth it!

It is vital to research every projector so that you can have the best mini projector at a reasonable price; otherwise, you might regret it.

What are Mini Projectors? 

Mini projectors are portable, convenient, and reasonable devices that can be connected to other appliances, and are easy to set up. They are a cheaper alternative to televisions of the same screen size.

The Right Mini Projector for You


An ideal mini projector is the one that comes with the best features, like resolution, contrast, brightness, throw distance, etc.

The best mini projector should be one of the most exceptional quality, have a good warranty, and excellent features that bring convenience and quality to you. 

Goodee Projector Store brings the best projector for you: GooDee YG200 Pico Mini Power Bank Supported Projector.  

Below are the features of GooDee YG200 Pico Mini Power Bank Supported Projector. It's really  your best option, and here is how: 


  • Display

Many things could come under the display for example, brightness and resolution. These features may vary between one model and another.

It is essential to have proper brightness and resolution for an excellent visual experience. 

While resolution decides how clear and sharp the picture would be, brightness is the key to vibrance and vividness of the output colors. You can enjoy whatever you will watch with high resolution and adequate brightness.


The resolution refers to the total number of pixels per image. The higher the resolution, the better! Because the image on the screen is made up of pixels, when the number of pixels is high, the sharper visual output. It means that the picture's quality is higher, as a result.

The GooDee YG200 Pico Mini has an incredibly ideal resolution of 1920*1080. That's approximately 2000,000 pixels at once! Mind-blowing!

Moreover, the GooDee YG200 Pico Mini Projector has a lamp life of around 30,000 hours, which is how long you can go without having to change the light source. That also means it has little maintenance costs!


Brightness is a crucial determinant when the display is being discussed. A projector would be useless if you cannot see properly because the screen is too dull.

Moreover, if you move your projector to different rooms, there is a need to adjust brightness and the atmosphere. For instance, darker tones for outdoor setups are preferential.

This mini projector is therefore, best in this case because it offers a wide brightness range. You can adjust the settings for brightness according to ambient light. 

  • Display Size

The display size varies. You can get a display of the size that suits you the most, depending on how big an image you need and the size of the room. Some people believe that the display should be large, only then can they have a pleasant experience.

That is why Goodee brought this new mini projector of 5.3 x 3.9 x 2.26 inches. It makes it easier to take it from one room to another and quickly set it up. This small device gives a large screen display that can be adjusted. 

It provides a twenty-sixty inches project size and 0.8M -  2.0M distance, which will give you a wide and clear frame with a projection size of around sixty inches. 

It is perfect for a family room.

  • Connectivity 

It refers to compatibility or the number of devices that a mini projector can connect to your projector that could be compatible with your other devices, such as phone or laptop. It would be highly inconvenient if you cannot transfer a movie or file from another device to the projector. 

A mini projector's best quality is its portability. You can carry it anywhere. However, the mini projector would not be very useful if you cannot connect it to the devices when you carry it. 

We are on a mobile world now. Everything has to be on-the-go. It means that there's always a need for a portable mini projector for both professional or entertainment purposes!

This mini projector has connectivity to several ports, including HDMI, Micro SD card, AV interface, audio, Amazon Fire TV stick, cell phones, and USB.

It allows you to have connections with all of these conveniently. 

  • Warranty

You will feel so helpless if you buy a portable projector, and after a short time, it stops working.

It is vital to have a projector that has good quality and comes with a reliable and long warranty. The GooDee YG200 Pico Mini Projector has an eighteen-month warranty, assuring you it won't stop. However, if it does, you can replace or change it or get a full refund without much hassle.

  • Power Supply

This pocket projector gets its power supply from a handy charger with 5V/ 2A. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about batteries for a remote, like that for television. GooDee YG200 Pico Mini Power Bank Supported Projector does not require any battery. 

You can charge your portable projector with your power bank or simply plug it in. This facility is not available in other projectors.

  • Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio is the relation between dark, light, black, and white shades shown on the screen. Higher the contrast ratio, the better the quality of display will be. 

The contrast ratio of this portable projector is 2000:1. That is the ideal, high-definition ratio that will feature an excellent display.

  • Throw Distance

Throw distance is the maximum possible distance you can have between the projector and screen to produce a focused image still.

In fact, this mini projector can easily be set a few feet away from the screen at one end of a regular lounge with the screen thrown on the other end.

You can also mount the projector up on the ceiling without affecting the aesthetic beauty of your room's appearance.

  • Versatility 

The mini projector is very portable and handy. It means that with this projector you can move from one room to another, from the basement to your bedroom or your lounge.

You can easily carry it around on your office and use it to give presentations and meetings. It adds an incredible edge to your performance.

  • Sound

Having a clear voice and good music is essential to achieving the perfect theatre feel. The entire ambiance may get ruined because the speakers couldn't do justice to the sound quality.

This mini projector has a built-in speaker, whereby you just need to plug it in and start. It has a powerful speaker, which will help deliver the sound effectively. 

These were the features the GooDee YG200 Pico Mini Power Bank Supported Projector has to offer. 


GooDee YG200 Pico Mini Power Bank Supported Projector is your top choice with its unique features. They benefit you in many ways:

  • Cost-effectiveness

It is vital to look for those projectors that you can afford. It is no use to look at options you cannot afford.

You should first determine your budget and set aside the amount that you are willing to spend on the projector. Moreover, it would be best if you bought a projector that doesn't consume too much power. It has minimal maintenance costs for the future. 

GooDee YG200 Pico Mini will give a display of the same size as your television, but on cost-effective price!

Goodee brings the full package in just one projector. It uses lesser power because of its small size which therefore, less electricity consumption. Moreover, the long warranty covers repair and maintenance costs too. A fair deal at hand! 

  • Convenience

GooDee YG200 Pico Mini Projector is very easy and quick to install, set up, and to use. There are no complications like that for a modern television or other models. There is no need for a technician to come and mount it on the wall, either. It can easily be set up by customers themselves. 

It is also small and compact, making it more handy. You can carry it from one room to another. Besides, you can connect to various devices using the projector and adjust other features to make its use comfortable and customized as per your needs.

For example, you can adjust the brightness, contrast level, display size, and throw distance. These features will allow the best experience anywhere anytime you want. 

  • Time with Family and Friends

Nowadays, it is tough for family members to sit together in the lounge and watch television with everyone's different schedules and routines. This makes it very difficult to coordinate and spend time with each other.

Having a mini projector will be a helpful approach because you can select a specific time every now and then to sit and watch a movie together. You can all watch your favorite films and your favorite seasons directly through a projector.

Once you have this mini projector, no one can stop you from enjoying and having fun. Furthermore, you can access your smartphones and laptops and other devices on it too, which will make your life easier.  

You just have to plug in and start a movie with your family. You can have a unique bond with your siblings by following workout videos, cooking tutorials, or makeup classes together.

Moreover, you can invite your relatives and friends for a movie night or dance practice for an upcoming wedding. 

Having a home theatre can engage everyone at home while giving them more time to spend together.

  • Durability  

Your money will go to waste if you buy an expensive mini projector and it doesn't work properly in a few months.  Well, don't worry about anything when making your purchase at Goodee.

Goodee is a very trusted source in terms of quality, reliability, and twenty-four-hour service. The first two months are completely free for any problems associated with the projector or any repairs needed. In addition, there is no need for repairs because these projectors are made of high-quality technology.

Goodee Store provides a full refund and replacement during the first two months of purchase.

Why GooDee? 

Quality has always been the major priority of GooDee. Goodee is a very trusted company with an outstanding record of satisfied customers due to its excellent customer service. Customer loyalty is the primary concern of the Goodee Projector Store

Goodee offers incredible discounts, offers, and deals; it strives to bring convenience and happiness to its customers. 

The after-sale-service of Goodee is excellent. If you want any help, you can simply call them, and experts' service is one call away. You don't have to worry about anything. 

Goodee tries to provide as much convenience as you require. They can deliver the projector and can set it up for you as well.

If you don't purchase the mini projector from Goodee, you will miss out on some fantastic services that the Goodee Projector Store has to offer. 

Final Words

If you are getting yourself a good portable projector, it’s advisable to do some research before spending your money. Goodee can be trusted for its quality and customer service. If it’s a projector you need, Goodee is where you should be going! 

The GooDee YG200 Pico Mini Power Bank Supported Projector is a good option for anyone looking for a value-for-money model. With all the after-sale services, features, and quality, it makes it the perfect mini projector for you and your family. Get yours today!


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