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New Goodee home theater projectors review

Projectors have changed the face of gaming, business presentations and home entertainment. Today, everyone wants to have projector in their home because it seemingly takes you to whole new world.

To make things easier for customers, projector manufacturers like Goodee now produce more specialized projectors for specific purposes and functions. This is why some projectors might be good for business presentations but may not be good for watching movies, and vice versa.

The Goodee Store provides some of the best projectors, from the smallest and lightest to larger and less portable ones. But this article does an extensive review on two unique, new projectors that have been proven to give the best home entertainment experience and at remarkably affordable prices.

But first, let's look at some of the features you should expect in home theater projectors.

To begin with, home theater projectors are known for their high-quality resolution with full HD of 1080 p, and the higher the resolution, the better the picture quality. This is why many of these projectors have built-in converters that help scale to the native resolution which is fixed.

Another major feature to look out for is the projectors’ brightness ratings. Projector brightness will be of the essence especially when the projector is to be used in a place with a lot of environmental light or outdoors.

Yet another key factor is the contrast ratio. This also affects the image quality, and many home theater projectors come with the capacity to adjust this ratio.

Lastly, home theater projectors usually have a stereo or high-quality speaker built in to complete that perfect cinema experience.

With all of the above mentioned features in mind, let's now begin the review.


Goodee F20

Goodee F20 LED Video Projector

Black, bold and beautiful – that's the simple description of this new Goodee F20 projector. If you are looking for a projector that is sleek and fancy, then this projector will definitely win your heart. Home theater projectors are the go-to projectors these days because people are now looking for ways to watch and experience movies in the comfort of their homes. People also want to enjoy their movies at home maintaining at least close to the same sound and image quality as a cinema offers and this Goodee projector offers that and much more.

Everyone that is looking to get a projector will definitely be looking for one with a high resolution, and this projector sets the bar high in that regard. It has a staggering high resolution of 1980 x 1080 and contrast ratio of 1200:1, built in with the latest technology liquid crystal display that provides sharp and vivid HD images allowing you enjoy and experience the full HD video experience. This resolution can only be made possible due to the presence of its HDMI outlet. The projector also has various other connectivity outlets like the USB, which allows you plug flash drives and other connection outlets that increase your connection capacity.

Some projectors come with LED light sources that might affect your eyes, but this Goodee projector takes no such risks and provides you with a safe LED light source, therefore you and your family can enjoy what it has to offer comfortably. Its brightness is also next to none, making it perfect for any place. Now, nothing can stop you from enjoying your movies just the way you like them, anywhere and at any time. 

You can't truly experience the fullness of your video or get that complete home entertainment experience without having an excellent sound system. Enjoy clear and powerful sound with this projector’s built-in advanced TWE 5W speaker. Save the cost of buying an external speaker and use its powerful HiFi stereo speaker to experience sound like never before.

The F20 also completes the home entertainment experience by giving you a projection screen size as large as 280 inches. Feel completely comfortable in your home and get that cinema experience with this perfect home theater projector. The projector is equipped with a focus switch that allows you zoom in and out to get your desired viewing quality.

The projector also has a whopping throw distance of 130 inches which allows you use it for business, at home or outdoors. You should probably make it your outdoor camping partner. With its HDMI connectivity you can also connect other devices like your phones and tablets

And just when you think you have seen it all with this Goodee projector, it just keeps on surprising you. With all the features on this projector you would think it would definitely make a lot of noise from usage. But no, it doesn't. The F20 is equipped with a state-of-the-art system that reduces noise. This advanced noise reduction system with its powerful cooling system helps ensure a noise-free entertainment experience and makes sure the projector constantly works in optimum performance for as long as possible, due to its powerful technology.

With just $166, you can get this box of joy, along with a 3-year warranty and the possibility of refund if there is any need to return the product. Are you looking for an affordable projector for your gaming, business or home theater experience? Then this Goodee projector is definitely the best pick for you.


Goodee BL98

Goodee BL98 HD Video Projector

Immediately you see this projector, the first thing that strikes you is its luxurious and exquisite design – its silver sleek, customized water ripple design that gives it that futuristic touch. And speaking of the future, this projector has a cool, customized touchscreen button set that can be used to access its features.

Before going into its many features you will notice that this projector also supports ceiling installation, which makes it easy to install in offices for business presentations.

Delving into the other features of this projector, there are some special elements that you get to experience. First is its brightness that is like no other projector you’ve probably seen. Able to light up and appear vivid in any environment is this Goodee projector’s superpower. It is known to be 80 percent brighter than many business projectors, separating it from the pack. This is why this projector can definitely be used both for outdoor and indoor activities. It provides clear and vivid pictures even in the presence of external light.

Apart from its outstanding brightness this projector also delivers on very high resolution output. It has a native resolution of 1080 p that delivers very clear, HD images, giving you a very splendid home entertainment experience. It is also important to note that its aspect ratio is 4:3/16:9, which helps display very vibrant and clear images, with a projection distance of between 35 to 200 inches. So if you’re looking for a projector with high resolution, then this Goodee projector is just for you.

With all the features this projector packs, it is only necessary for it to have lifespan that is long – and it does. This Goodee projector has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. This is due to the presence of its powerful environmental LCD technology lamp light source. It also works quietly for all of those hours because of the presence of its built-in noise reduction system.

A projectors is only functional at its best with multiple connection capacity. The more devices that can be connected to it, the more people are swayed to get the projector. This Goodee projector has HDMI, USB, AV, TF, VGA and something that you don't see every day in projectors, headphone connection. These connections enable it to be compatible with various devices like your phone, PC and DVD players. If you are a game lover, you can easily connect your PS4 and other game consoles to the projector and enjoy your games on a whole different level. The built-in speakers give gameplay an added effect and give you the best audio-visual effect.

You don't have to feel at risk when you buy this projector because you get a 3-year service guarantee. If the projector develops any faults within this time, you can easily be refunded. It goes without saying that this projector is the complete package. Its versatility in function and the quality it offers is mind-blowing, and it all goes at a price that won't break your back. So, do yourself some good and get yourself one.

These projectors both deliver a true cinematic experience at home. Whether you love playing games, watching movies, sports, or TV shows, you can enjoy them on screens as wide as 200 inches. The joy that comes from having this big-screen experience is priceless, and these projectors truly give a bundle of that joy.

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