Projector vs. TV in 2020 Which one is Better?
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Projector vs. TV 2020 – Which one is Better?

TV is a traditional device that most people love to watch their favorite TV shows, movies, and other content. On the other hand, projectors are also amazing that are smaller in size and can be moved easily.

It is also possible that projectors can take place of TV in the future anyhow we are going to talk about 2020. Let's compare the features and see who is the winner in this fight.


Projector vs. TV: Screen Size

When it comes to screen size, both are good. Nowadays, TVs are available in 80 inches wide. TV screen sizes are gradually increasing with time and we think that it will increase more in the future.

On the other hand, you can buy any size for your projector. Projector screens are also available in different sizes and the largest screen is 100 inches. 


Projector vs. TV: Maintenance

Televisions are maintenance-free. You do not need to worry about LED lights on the TV. There are no worries about dust inside the TV as it is tightly packed.

On the other hand, the light set-up in the project screen is a big issue. Dust particles can reduce their lifespan. Hence it is harder to keep projectors maintained for a long life.

Tip: TV's maintenance cost is higher than projector in most cases.


Projector vs. TV: Quality & Resolution

In the case of resolution and picture quality, both are almost the same. Nowadays, TVs offer HD and up to 4k ultra resolution while projectors also offer 4k ultra HD picture quality.

Hence we conclude that both are good from a picture quality point of view.


Projector vs. TV: Brightness

From classical to modern TVs, we always have the option to change the brightness of our TVs according to our ease. Additionally, modern TVs have night and day mode options for quick changing.

On the other hand, projectors need a dark room to show the best quality picture hence, you have to set up a separate room for this cinema.

Pro Tip: Goodee offers modern projectors that can be even used under sunlight. Hence buying a Goodee projector is enjoyable.


Projector vs. TV: Cost

The best thing about the projector is, they are available at less price compared to TVs. You can easily buy a 100 inches projector under $300 while an 80 inches TV cost is round about $1500.

Hence, projectors are better when you want to spend less amount and want to enjoy fully.

This was a simple comparison of TV and projector. After reading it you can easily decide which one you should buy. If you ask me, projectors are good if you have a spare room where you can set it up. Buy our projectors today and start watching movies with cinematic effect.

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