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Increasing access to technology and digital platforms has shaped most of our lifestyle choices over the last decade. Entertainment preferences are no exception, either.

Moviegoers who once couldn’t imagine a weekend anywhere but a cinema would rather curl up in a warm blanket and binge their favorite series at home now.

With changing times, our association with pop-culture seems to be changing as well. However, for some of us, the charm of the real theatrical experience is yet to fade.

Are you one of us, the movie buff who needs more than an HD TV screen and speakers to enjoy cinema truly? Are you yet to figure out how to bring the theatre home because your friends or family won’t get off the couch on the weekend?

What would bring home the cinema effect if not the device that allowed films to be screened in the first place? A home theatre projector is what you need to amp up your next movie night experience

Also, with a digital projector, you can treat yourself to a scintillating visual experience if you like to game. Last but not least, with a bigger and better audiovisual setup, you can give a whole new meaning to your virtual conferences.

A compact digital multimedia projector can not only fit your living room but your pocket as well. To find out why you should invest in a projector instead of 4K screen TV, and which home theatre projector offers real value for money, read on!

Why projectors?

The single most significant factor that makes projectors the most suitable option is the digital theatre projector price.

Compared to a high-quality television, projectors are a lot more cost-effective. For the same price, you can afford a durable projector device and a much larger projector screen.

It means a broader, sharper, and more vibrant audiovisual experience within your budget.

Money matters! You may have big bucks to spend, but spending wisely always seals the best deal! Therefore, it's only rational to spend on a multimedia device that's not only affordable but also worth the price.

If you desire to enjoy your favorite movies with a real cinematic effect, you should get a device that can support it. The best digital projector would do that for you.

It won't only provide high-quality images and sound but have a throw that creates the theatrical effect. In short, it can create an ambiance that an HD TV can't!

Which is the best value for money digital projector?

There is only one reliable name for value for money entertainment equipment, and that’s Goodee. Their cutting-edge projector technology ensures they deliver what they promise and for every price tag!

For an extraordinary audiovisual experience, the Goodee BL98 Digital Projector is the best budget digital projector option there is!

The BL98 brings you all the features you’d ever need, and that too with an affordable price tag. Its high-resolution display with an optimum throw will amplify the overall cinematic effect. Top it up with excellent sound quality and connectivity, and you have a value for money deal!

The Goodee BL98 Digital Projector 6800L: It’s Worth Your While!

Like any other device, a projector's output depends on multiple features and specs. It is these features that decide if a compact digital multimedia projector is worth your while or not. Enlisted below are the most important specs and features of Goodee BL98.

1.Full High Definition (HD) 1080p Native Resolution 

You may have noticed that often, when an image is displayed onto a screen, it becomes grainy, blurry, or what is more precisely called pixelated. The resolution of your projector controls it.

The display resolution of a device is the number of pixels that can fit on your screen/image. Higher the number of pixels, the higher the quality of your image.

The BL98 has a stunning FHD resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080). It means your image will be clear, well-defined, and vibrant, in short high-definition.

2. Aspect Ratio

It has an aspect ratio of 4:3. It gives the image its high definition and makes the BL98 the best digital projector for movies

3. Throw Distance

You might wonder how far you can place your projector from the screen. For that, you need to know the throw distance of your projector. It refers to the distance that a device can project the image without destroying its quality.

BL98 projects light from 35ft to 200ft with a range of 4ft to 21ft.

Goodee's BL98 has ample throw distance. It makes the projector suitable for home theaters, offices, and conference rooms as well.

4. Conferencing

A projector can significantly enhance your office presentations and reports. It is especially helpful when you are explaining business ideas and modules or presenting graphics, detailed charts, tables, and more.

It not only gets your point across the room, but it also creates a grand impression on your audience.

5. Exceptional Brightness and Smooth Performance

Brightness is an essential feature for a projector to work well in both dark and bright environment.

With Goodee's custom-made brightness effect, the BL98 has 3000 lux brightness, which is 80% better than any other projector in the market. Therefore, no other model can outshine its light!

6. Large Projection Size

Due to the durable TFT LCD lamp technology, this projector can project from 35 ft. to 200 ft.with distance 4 ft. to 21 ft. without losing one bit of image quality. This gives the image a large projection size as well as exceptional image quality.

7. Finely Detailed Images and No Noise!

This projector provides excellent color density and 3000 lux brightness. Moreover, images are detailed, smooth, and vibrant. This projector produces no noise; therefore, your environment is never disrupted.

8. Contrast Ratio

The BL98 has the right balance of black and white levels light. It gives it a high contrast ratio making images sharper and better defined, almost alive.

9. Design

Goodee products are easily distinguishable, given their mod yet functional designs. These products take nothing away from a room's overall look and are very durable.

● Compact

The small size and compactness make this projector very easy to carry. Carry it around different rooms without any inconvenience. It also makes moving the projector to adjust image focus easier.

● Portability

The projector's compact size also makes it very easily portable. Want to carry it to the office or classroom? Go ahead. It's no issue at all. Lightweight and easy to handle, it brings comfort to your life.

● Durable and Contemporary

Goodee's BL98 has a contemporary design. It's compact and mod. Its nine touch keys are designed to enable ease-of-use without affecting the overall look of the device.

You can always bank on Goodee for durable hardware. The BL98 has a solid build with excellent finishing. In terms of reliability, it's the best digital theatre projector for its price.

● Compatibility with hardware devices

You know a projector will be a value for money addition to your entertainment equipment when it can solve the hardware compatibility issues.

The BL98 is compatible with many hardware devices. These include DVD/VCD players, USB Flash Drive, Media Players, SD Card, Laptops, TV Box, Smartphones, Computers, PCs, video games, PS4, PS3, and tablets.

● Connectivity

With this, you can connect to any device you want without any connectivity issues. You can create a gaming arena, and enjoy HD movies, shows, workout videos, and a lot more.

10. Excellent Audio

While most projectors have poor speakers, Goodee BL98 has taken care of that too. It has a dual, powerful speaker that enhances every video you watch.

For further information about the many specs and features of BL98 Native 1080 HD Video Projector 600L, log on to Goodee’s product page.

Final Word

Goodee knows how to pack its advanced digital projector technology in a budget. They take pride in changing the home entertainment game for everyone. Their product quality is reliable no matter how light the price tag.

For those on a budget, the BL98 is a wise investment. It promises a value-for-money theatrical experience.

With the GooDee BL98 Native 1080P HD Video Projector 600L, everyone can now enjoy an extraordinary cinematic experience in the comfort of their home.

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