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Are you looking to buy a new projector for your dream home theatre? Do the different types and technical terms confuse you? Which one is the best projector after all?

If you have looked into projectors, you will know that the two most popular types of projectors are DLP projectors and LED projectors. Each type sports some exclusive features.

To decide which projector suits you the best, you should understand your needs and know about the basic specs and features of both projector types.

Sounds like too much work? Worry not. Goodee Projector Store has you covered. Given below is a guide to DLP and LED projectors.

But first, do you really need a projector?

Are you a movie buff? 

It's an important question because if you love to watch movies, anything that can enhance your experience is a must-buy. Projectors should ideally be the perfect device for an excellent cinematic experience right at home. 

Projectors have a large screen, high-resolution, vibrant and bold colors, and highly defined picture quality. With these, watching any movie is a treat to the eyes. It satisfies the needs and demands of any cine junkie who craves an exciting experience.

If that's you, you should buy a projector!

So what should your next step be? The answer is getting the device that's right for you!

Goodee brings you an exclusive guide to LED and DLP projectors. All the important features are outlined for you to weigh the utility and make the right decision for yourself. Read on!

DLP: Digital Light Processing Projector

One of the oldest technology names in the world of projectors is the Digital Light Processing projector.

It contains a DLP chip that has millions of microscopic mirrors embedded in it. These mirrors are all capable of independent adjustment, which means they can move on their own. Moving closer to the source of light creates a darker pixel while moving away creates a lighter one.

However, until this stage, a black and white image is produced. To add the colors, a beam of light passes through the chip. When light passes through a spinning color wheel, a color layer is added to the chip. Thus, the image becomes colorful.

Compared to LCD projectors, which are the third type of projectors, these have an advantage. The DLP projectors are unaffected if misalignments occur, and there is no risk of color decay. These issues come with an LCD projector only.

Therefore, DLP can be considered more convenient than LCD projectors in some ways. They are filter-free. Instead, the sealed chip design does not let any dust settle on a chip, and the image formed as a result is always refined. No image spots are formed.

Moreover, images formed are sharp, the response time is short and ideal, and DLP also has excellent 3D capabilities.

Not For Large Displays!

With DLP projectors, zoom lenses aren't a thing. DLP projectors do not have lenses that can zoom, shift, or adjust. That is why DLP is more suited to smaller rooms and environments. You may not be able to increase image size if the room is too big.

Also, the lamp life is 4000-7000 hours only. Compared to other types, this is significantly shorter and means your DLP will need more maintenance, incurring additional costs.

For an ideal home theatre, you need zoom and lens shift functions that can make an image more adjusted to your needs and likes. What if you want to place the projector in your spacious basement or outdoors for a party?

You will have to make do with a small display even if you don't like it. If you cannot have that, your experience may not be as good as you will love.

LED: Light-emitting Diode Projectors

Light-emitting diode projectors are one of the most popular types. Defined not by the technology they use but the lighting, they are unique.

When it comes to technology, LED projectors can use that of both LCD and DLP. It means they can have most of the qualities of either LCD or DLP, depending on what you choose.

The defining factor is the LED lighting used in LED projectors. Traditional projector lamps have a standard lamp life of 1000 to 5000 hours. In an LED projector, these are replaced with an LED light source that is highly, and relatively more efficient.

They are environmentally friendly, too, and their lamp life ratings are up to 20,000 hours! That's right.

With much higher efficiency, these projectors are smaller and produce less heat. That is why they consume lesser power and save energy costs considerably.

While their prices can range from cheap to expensive, the maintenance costs are almost zero because the light source can last an entire lifetime. You can decide your budget before purchase, stick to it, and have no worries about additional costs. Now that is a fair, cost- effective deal!

Not-So-Bright But Sharp & Large Display!

LED projectors' brightness is limited compared to DLP. It means that environments with a lot of ambient light, such as meeting rooms, classrooms, or outdoor venues in the day may not be the best setups for an LED projector.

However, for a movie theatre at your house, this one's just great. The long lamp life will keep it running no matter how much you use it, and the high efficiency will keep your bills very low.

Just grab some popcorn, turn your lights off and enjoy it!

LED Projectors Are For Movie Mania! 

After fair analysis and comparison, it can be concluded that the best projector choice an enjoyable home theatre experience would be an LED projector. So, where to get one that is durable, reliable, and has excellent features?

The Goodee Store is where you should be headed. With a wide range of projectors of the finest quality, it is perfect for anyone who enjoys respectful and loyal customer service: basically everyone. Goodee YG620 is a great option!


As established earlier, an LED video projector provides the best quality picture with an endless lamp life. Being highly efficient, it will save you a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on maintenance costs and electricity bills.

Not only this, but Goodee Projectors are also made with care and responsibility. Any material, electrical component, or technology used is of the best quality. Goodee has the finest of engineers and manufacturers to design the perfect models for you.

Get ready to explore the new GooDee YG620 Newest LED Video Projector today! CLICK HERE to explore the full product description.

Below are the excellent features that the Goodee YG620 projector range has. These show how worthy a choice it is.

  • Brightness

Compared to other projectors, the GooDee YG620 produces a 50% brighter image. This is Goodee's way of making up for the generally low brightness that LED projectors can have. No need to worry about ambient light anymore. The adjustable brightness will figure it all out.

  • Resolution

It has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080p. That is 2,073,600 pixels in one image! No wonder the images are so sharp and vibrant, and the colors are so stunning.

A high resolution prevents pixelation when images are spread over very large screens. A higher number of pixels ensures a sharper display.

  • Compatibility

This projector is compatible with many devices. It has 2 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, a VGA port, and connectivity for tablets, laptops, Chrome cast, PC, external hard & flash drive, TV sticks, smartphones (iPhone and Android), Xbox, card reader, DVD, and media player.

This means you can watch movies and connect other devices, play games, and display data from various sources.

  • Display size

This one has a large display of about 300 inches. Huge and remarkable, your jaw drops the first few times you use it. Hard to get used to and, thus, exciting and surreal!

  • Versatility

This projector is not only great for home theaters. Versatile and easily portable, compact, and convenient, you can carry it to meetings, parties, friends' places for gaming, and almost anywhere you want.

The high contrast ratio of 7000:1 and the full range of adjustable brightness make it adaptable to brighter, outdoor surroundings too.

  • Sound

With in-built speakers, it provides a very loud, clear, and refined volume. Audio does not require an independently bought sound system. The ones it has will do!

  • Focus

A high-refraction 5-layer glass lens gives the projector very high focus. Zoom in and out, shift your lens, and adjust just like you want without losing image focus and the high definition. Therefore, it is excellent for both large and small spaces without having to move the device around.

  • Lamp Life

This projector has one of the most extended lamp lives you'll find out there: an experience of 100,000 hours. That is equivalent to watching movies continuously for 11 years. Amazing and surprising as it is, there is nothing that beats this feature!

  • Heat-dissipation system

It has a system that contains three in-built fans. This helps in rapidly removing heat, making it highly efficient, and preventing any overheating troubles.

The Advantages of YG620 LED video Projector

The many features above are the outline of how incredible Goodee projectors are. The following are the benefits of buying from Goodee.

  • No Worries Offer

Goodee offers a five-year warranty for all-covered repair and a period of five months for return with a full refund. This means if you want to, you can return it within five months and get full money payback. This is if you have any technical faults. You can get it replaced too.

Moreover, for five years, you do not have to pay for repairs and maintenance charges in case of any unprecedented fault or damage.

Lastly, Goodee provides a lifetime of loyal and professional customer service and 24/7 technical support.

  • Durable

Made of pure, high-quality materials, the Goodee brand brings you very reliable, durable, and long-lasting technology. With other brands, you may face technical faults or durability issues more often, but not with Goodee.

  • Easy to set up and use

Goodee will not only sell you a remarkable project, but it will also make sure it is safely installed in your house. Once done, it will help you understand its use with professional expertise and manuals.

  • Better Quality

Goodee's LED projectors have the highest quality in pictures, audio, and video. Bring the cinema to your home and enjoy with family and friends. This way, you will get to have a more exciting time with your parents, siblings, spouse, friends, in short, the people you love.

Goodee brings you all these benefits and a lot more.

Why Goodee?

Durability, quality, and customer care are fully guaranteed for all valued customers. In fact, Goodee has always maintained an exceptional record of satisfied customers and aims to keep getting better. Your trust is Goodee's responsibility.

Goodee is a brand that ensures that every penny you spent was worth it. It is a name of quality, loyalty, and excellence. Get the best customer service, products, and technical help with good.

You will never regret it!

The Bottom-line

LED and DLP video projectors are two of the most common types of projectors. With their distinctive qualities, you may have a hard time choosing one. However, a detailed look at their features and specs shows that LED projectors are a better choice if you relish an excellent theatrical experience.

It's always wise to put your money on a name you can count on! For an affordable and high- quality LED projector, it's Goodee!

Head to the Goodee store to explore the fantastic Goodee YG620 LED video projector.


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