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Do you love the cinematic experience of a theatre? The vibrant colors, high-resolution display, big screen, and clear sound add up to give you a blissful time at the movies.

Would you like to bring that to your house? Who wouldn’t!

What you can do is get your very own LED Video Projector. Today, projectors are rapidly winning the hearts of movie enthusiasts who enjoy a theatre-setup in the comfort of their homes.

The switch from television to projectors is a big leap. Considering the variety of options at hand and misconceptions about projectors, it becomes very daunting to go for it.

However, projectors are very convenient, handy, easy-to-set, as well as relocate around the house, and exciting to use.

They are compact and portable, bringing you a wide-screen and excellent picture quality anywhere in the house. Moreover, they can prove to be cheaper than a television of the same size.

Things can indeed go wrong if you don't make the right choice. The resolution may be too low, brightness range too narrow, or much more. How to avoid these?

The trick is to know your options and select the best portable projector. So, which projector is best for buying in 2020?

The Right Projector for You

The ideal projector has some key qualities that make it the best. These can be the resolution, brightness, contrast, sound, throw distance, and more. If you are confused, worry not for GooDee Store brings the best projector for you: the GooDee YG620!

Moreover, below are the fantastic features that make GooDee YG620 the best choice.


1. Resolution

Resolution is the number of pixels that fit your screen. These can vary, but GooDee YG620 brings you an excellent native resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels). It is classified as one of the best and most ideal resolutions for a projector screen.

Why does it matter?

Your screen image is made up of tiny pixels, each responsible for the colors on the screen. Therefore, the more pixels an image has, the more vibrant, clear, and defined the display.

It is a high resolution that gives GooDee its stunning colors.

2. Brightness

Brightness is a crucial factor that decides how much you will enjoy while watching. In a dark room, high brightness is essential, while in an outdoor setup, you will need darker tones on the screen to have a comfortable view.

Therefore, your projector needs a wide range of brightness. GooDee YG620 once again outshines. It is +50% brighter than other comparable projectors and, hence, has one of the best displays out there.

3. Display Size

The wider the display is, the better the experience, right? GooDee YG620 has a large-screen viewing of up to 300". The projection size can be varied from 46 inches to 300 inches. The latter is perfect for your family theatre and office conferences and presentations.

Imagine you and your family sitting in your home theatre, your favorite movie playing on a huge screen, and some popcorn in your hands. What could be more relaxing?

4. Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio is the ratio between dark, light, black, and white shades in the image. This contrast gives a picture of high quality and definition.

The YG620 has a very high and brilliant contrast ratio of 7000:1. It makes your movies, shows, videos, images, and presentations very clear.

5. Throw Distance

The throw distance defines how far your projector can throw light at a good focus.

The GooDee YG620 has a vast throw range of 5.6 feet to as far as 30.2 feet. It means you can place your projector at one end of a room and set up your screen on the other without worrying about the quality of the display.

It helps you mount the projector far on your ceiling without ruining the beauty of your room’s interior.

6. Connectivity

Connectivity is to how many different devices the projector can connect to. The ideal projector will have a USB, HDMI, Android, iPhone, and other necessary ports for convenience. You do not want to get one that cannot connect to your phone or laptop, right?

The GooDee YG620 has 2 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, a VGA port, and connectivity for tablets, TV sticks, smartphones (iPhone and Android), laptops, Chrome cast, PC, external hard & flash drive, card reader, Xbox, DVD, and media player.

These make it highly compatible with most devices making connections very convenient and easy.

7. Versatility

GooDee YG620 can be used indoors, be it your bedroom, lounge, basement, or any other room in the house with a power supply.

Moreover, it can be set up outdoors, for movie nights, parties, get-togethers, and meetings.

Not only this, but the YG620 also is ideal for office use, and you can easily carry it to meetings and presentations, making them more memorable and effective.

Finally, you can also connect your gaming consoles and enjoy game nights with friends. You will have the best time of your life, and it will feel as if you're actually in the game.

8. Focus

GooDee has an innovative high-refraction 5-layer glass lens that gives an excellent visual view for your home theatre.

9. Sound

The YG620 has 5W built-in stereo speakers and Dolby sound support that gives you a surreal sensory experience without the need for external speakers. This quality is rare in projectors, and most of them need a sound system to back the visual experience.

10. Keystone Correction

It is one of the many great features that the GooDee store brings to you. It is a physical adjustment of the projector lens that allows it to project light at an angle higher or lower than the default. It means you can adjust your brightness according to the position of the screen too.

11. Lamp Life

YG620 has an ultra-silent cooling and heat-dissipating system. The three fans within remove heat from the device very efficiently, keeping it safe from thermal damage.

Its technology allows it to use minimum power. It makes it cost-effective and efficient, but it also gives it a long lamp life of 100,000 hours. Incredible, isn’t it?


GooDee YG620 is your top choice with its unique features. They benefit you in many ways:


With high efficiency, it saves a lot of power. Moreover, the full display is available at the same quality as television but at a much lower cost. This way, GooDee gives you a bang for your bucks. It is worth it.


It is straightforward to set up and use. You can carry it around very easily because it is compact.The various connectivity ports help you connect to most devices. Adjustable features such as brightness, throw distance and display size make your experience very customized and flexible. These and all other features make your purchase worth the work! GooDee’s excellent customer service is a cherry on top.

Durability and Repair and Maintenance

Once again, GooDee has very reliable repair and maintenance services. Moreover, high-quality technology makes it very durable. Repair is rarely needed, and support is easy to get.

Delightful Time with Family and Friends Guaranteed

It is a given that with the YG620, you are bound to have loads of fun. You can plug it in and enjoy a movie with your family and bond with your siblings by following workout videos, cooking classes, or makeup tutorials together.

Moreover, invite your friends over for pool parties or a movie night. Take holiday festivities up a notch by displaying beautiful photographs too. They could be photos of snow-capped trees for Christmas or maybe Frankenstein for Halloween.

All-Rounder: Visual and Acoustic Experience

Unlike most projectors, GooDee YG620 is an all-rounder. It can give you both an incredible visual entertainment as well as an excellent auditory experience.

Its high resolution, adjustable brightness, contrast ratio, shade compatibility, and other features give it the best image quality and high definition.

Moreover, the 5W speakers allow you to watch your movies without the extra cost and need of speakers or sound systems. It is rare and a feature that GooDee is especially proud of.

Why GooDee?

GooDee is a very trusted company that has an excellent record of satisfying its customers over the years. With incredible discounts, offers, and deals, it strives to bring convenience and happiness to its customers.

Their customer services help you select your product and deliver it to your door and set it up with you. In case of any trouble, you can dial in, and help is guaranteed.

GooDee believes in long-lasting relationships with its customers. This relationship begins when you visit us at the GooDee Projector Store and lasts for a lifetime.

GooDee has some of the best services for you. You will be missing out on a lot if you do not buy the YG620. Some of these are:

● Free-return for five months – full refund and replacement guaranteed
● A 5-year warranty that covers all repairs
● Lifetime customer service from highly-trained professionals
● Technical support and 24/7 helpline

GooDee’s No Worries Policy covers all these. Moreover, quality, durability, and customer care are fully guaranteed for all our valued customers.

The Bottom-line

GooDee brings you the best portable projector out there: the GooDee YG620. Its high audio-video quality, design, efficient technology, and Goodee’s excellent customer care services make it the ideal projector that it is. Head over to GooDee Projector Store to learn more!

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